A pogrom

The pre-revolutionary Russia is a mix of glebe serf residual, class warfare and modernisation of paleo-industrial structures and cultural and political over structures.
In that country the market relationships was intertwisting and over standing with the rich landowner world. The politic way of life and the high administration was as a monopole of the nobles and the rich landowners.
The contradictions which prepared the revolutionary events of the 1905 February are not suppressed, but they remain hidden and irreconcilable with every successive restoration or reform tentative.
The warfare polarisation between the dominant class and the enormous urbanized proletariat caused the exponential augmentation in the second part of 1910 of rebellions and revolutionary tentative: a great wave of manifestations, gatherings, strikes, assassinations rent in all the country in the meantime of the restart of the work in the gold mines up to the Lena river during the 1912 April. We can calculate that the protest involved almost 300.000 peoples; on May the 1st they reach a number of 400.000.
We can estimate that during the 1912 striked more than 1 million persons. On 1913 the striker’s movement reaches the number of 1.800.000 people.
The first war world was the fuse which opens the deflagration the economic and juridical system and as you can see after without any came back possibility. In this way was almost, till Eltsin demonstrated to the entire world that the Czar has come back and together him all the Dukes, boyars and boyarines that the people amiably baptized Oligarchs.
But this is another history, she is in the branch of irony, history that I should like to treat in another part from the origin till our contemporary days, but come back, for the statistic and sociological people to the zero year.
On 1917 it was impossible to go on to hidden to all the world or better to the people the vertical fall of the combustible reserves, of the row materials with the consequential paralysis of the Army and of transportation ( except the running of the Lena man). Finally was the armistice.
That’s the Marxist vulgate.


In order to better understand, I beg you to follow me – hand by hand – backwards into the time: once upon a time was a king named Louis XIV, that waked up by the yells of the third state under his windows asked to his chamberlain if in case was a rebellion and that him replayed: – No Sir, It is a revolution!. What do you think about?
Today have we a better knowledge than the Louis XIV chamberlain? The rebellion and the revolution: This is the problem.
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx For us the Czar is over!
Are you into the people who have the cult of dates?
Now! The Czar not died at Ekaterinburg, but twelve years before submerged by blood on Sunday the Jan. 22, 1905 (Jan. 9th for Julian calendar) and certificated by the Gapon cry – The Czar is over for us!!!
The History in that time looked made by mass: never Czars, never big men, ma constant work of minute men anonymous and equals, here is the apparent Soviet’s story.
This till the fall down of the Berlin wall!
Make you the count!!!

The history goes on

with interpretation
Anastasio Luigi
Khoroheva Stella

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