Who are we

  • Translation from Italian into Russian language and from Russian into Italian
  • Intermediators in culture, in contracting, in spirituality Italia – ex U.R.S.S.
  • Public relations ( P.R.)
  • Exchanges in free time
  • Legal consultancy and assistance in every statement and degree of justice

ART COUPE is an association free gain who work in the branch of cultural relationship and public relation between the European and ex U.R.S.S. countries.
ART COUPE has the idea to start from YOU , just from you in the way you are and not from another person; we doesn’t follow some abstract ideas we respect you as person and we not choose for you but you will be to choose every time et in the better way.
“Deus in nobis est”.
We have only to get free our God from the deposits or better from our mental and physic habits which drive us to believe that God is out and over us.
It is not by accident that we have chosen the word ART as our logo, because in the Art and for Art that we reach our hide God; It isn’t by an analysis meticulous and pedant by which we reach our hidden God, but I underline, as in Art, suddenly free from a geological stratification, which are heavy and get an oppression our soul, we understand as a flash our reality, totally spiritual.
Obtain then shovels and pichaxes so got out forever all the dust that cover us, we can reach our soul the inmost et we live in that one et for that one.
The artistic intuition, or better the work of dig up, which as the goal to arrive to our inmost, humiliate and violate by the daily way, it is no possible to obtain as for a miracle, but by a frenetic work of elbows.
We have to start therefore!
Gold is always in the ground, mixed with rubbles: clean it and get it on the surface.
Out the metaphoric way, carry on the light our real soul that it is not perfectible, but was born as perfect.

The Founder
Stella Khorosheva

For info:
e-mail: artcoupe@libero.it
Telph – fax: +393318373783
Legal consultancy
avv. Luigi Anastasio-cassazionista:
e-mail: anastasio_luigi@virgilio.it
cell/ mob: +39-3391058309