War is an abomination of human intellect!No more wars! – Abolish warConflict in the Donbass, European crisis, NATO, USA, Ukraine and Russia We cannot remain silent, looking at the window as amused spectators, the war in Donbass region counts more than 14thousand dead and the crisis has worsened, the conflict could reopen the clash between Russia, NATO and the U.S. and will inevitably involve Europe.

Ukraine as a point of no return. Today we observe it from the binoculars then it will be too late.

What are the interests of the U.S. and NATO and those of Russia?What is the history of every single country involved in this serious crisis? These are not secondary aspects.We need to know, because everyone has contributed to this disaster, the US, the Europeans and the pro-European and Ukrainian nationalist right. NATO is a major player and not as of today, but it has never given up its true strategic military objective, expansion to East. Including Ukraine as a NATO member, according to the will of the U.S., this would allow NATO to aim its missiles directly at Moscow and concentrate soldiers, armaments and logistics along the NATO-Russia border. Strategic military objective achieved. Europe has trapped Ukraine in three moves: first, by offering it a lot of money from the International Monetary Fund; second, by blackmailing it from West financial market; and third, using Ukrainian citizens as cannon fodder.An increasingly complex crisis that involves economic and productive structures, international humanitarian organizations unable to enforce “ceasefires” in Donbass and politics, unable to find a final and peaceful political solution for Crimea.In this crisis Russia is surrounded and not the aggressor as the media in Europe, in the USA and in Ukraine, focused only on fomenting hatred towards the allaround friend. We don’t accept any military solution to the crisis from any actor. Our appeal is directed to international diplomacy and to all men and women of good will for the search of a solution.We appeal to the experimenters of the paths of nonviolence, we propose to meet and facilitate mediations between the actors in conflict, organizing and promoting a grassroots dialogue. We need to regain social cohesion and peace. We believe in good relations with the Russians as well as with the Europeans, thus contributing to peace and security throughout the world. This is a fundamental issue for Europe.

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